Tali Tali Pompey's - Ghost Gum Trees


Tali Tali Pompey's - Para - Ghost Gum Trees

Para is reminiscent of both the Ghost Gum and the Desert Gum trees. The smooth creamy/white coloured bark, is the distinctive feature of this work. The depiction of an element of the landscape is typical of Mrs Pompey's style. These medium to large trees shed their bark seasonally in thin scales and have a wide canopy which bear white flowers in Spring and Summer. The Ghost Gum can have either crooked or straight trunks. Parts of the Ghost Gum tree were used by Indigenous Australians to treat colds. 

Desert gum trees are native to the Great Victoria Desert of South Australia and Western Australia and can reach 8-20 metres in height. The APY Lands, home to her for the majority of her life and the country of her mother and father, is this region. The Ghost Gums are located further north-west of Fregon and Finke, the location of her birthplace in the southern part of the Northern Territory.

Size: 168cm x 137cm

Medium: Acrylic and Ink on Belgian Linen