Julieanne Ngwarraye Morton's - My Country and Bush Medicine Plants


Julieanne Ngwarraye Morton's - My Country and Bush Medicine Plants

Size: 61cm x 51cm

Medium: Acrylic on linen

"My Mother, Lily Kemarre, taught me to paint her Mother's and Father's country from the old days, when they used to live off of the land."

Julieanne's painting's are inspired by her Mother's stories of the old days, walking and living on their land, and also of her own experience of life out here in Alyawarr country.

"The landscape changes during the different seasons in the year. I paint the dried flowers and bushes from the last season as well as the new plants that come with the rain. These plants have special meanings and uses for us. I have been taught how to read the country, and now i teach my children these skills.