Fibre Sculptures

Warrakan - Animal fibre sculptures from Gapuwiyak in Arnhem Land.


Penny Wanapuyngu and Tony Cameron are artists that have made a name for themselves by creating original fibre based works.  Tony and Penny are married and work together to make these sculptures.  They use paperbark as the filling and then twine fibre around this to form the animals and birds.  They are painted using ochres and natural pigments

Artists Statement from Tony Cameron:

"Penny and I work together.  We come up with an idea and then go and collect materials.  Penny collects pandanus, paperbark and stringybark to weave and stuff the creatures.  My job is to collect materials to make wings, legs, beaks and the stands.  I also paint the patterns and markings of the animals using natural pigments.  It really brings them to life
We love making these artworks.  It's something we like doing together:"

Family and social gatherings are an important part of the process of making fibre objects in Arnhem Land.  Through these gatherings, knowledge about harvesting, preparation of specific plant materials and craft skills continue to be passed on and adapted from one generation to the next.

Penny and Tony are from Gapuwiyak which is a community in East Arnhem Land.