Emily Andy Napaltjarri's - Janmarda


EmilyAndy Napaltjarri's - Janmarda

Janmarda. In this painting Emily has depicted designs associated with the Janmarda Tjukurrpa (Onion Dreaming) site of Karrinyarra (Central Mt Wedge). Karinyarra is a site 2 hours drive North West of Papunya where there is a large salt lake and sacred spring. At certain times of the year the surrounds become covered with bush onion grass creating a creamy texture across the landscape. Women dig at the grass to find the bush onion that grows at the roots. The bush onions are gathered and cooked on the coals of the fire. Once they are cool enough to be held they are rubbed between the hands so that the outer shell comes away revealing the lovely sweet small onion underneath.

Size: 122cm x 91cm

Medium: Acrylic on canvas