Gladys Roberts's - Fregon Country


Gladys Roberts's - Fregon Country

Fregon Country. Inspiration for Glady's work comes from the surrounding traditional country of Fregon. Long ridges of low sandhills and small rocky outcrops are interspersed by flat spinifex and grassy plains. These in turn are criss-crossed by dry creeks lined with river gum eucalypts creating a patchwork effect. Rockholes are irregular, circular shaped depressions in the rocks which fill with water when it rains. Knowledge of their location was essential to survival in nomadic times.                          

Gladys's use of strong colour and abstract imagery creates a contemporary interpretation of the vast, energetic and vibrant landscape. The bold use of colour is influenced by the intense blue of clear skies.

The distinctive 'Walka' style has an emphasis on pattern, creating a narrative based in the landscape with imagery inspired by it. Walka - a term for any meaningful mark, developed out of the tradition of telling stories by drawing in the sand - known as Milpatjunany. Making marks in the sand is a way of passing on traditional knowledge about law and culture as well as about the country and daily life.

Size: 122cm x 102cm

Medium: Acrylic on Belgian Linen