David Cox's - Sing out Spring


David Cox's - Sing out Spring

Sing out Spring liesin Yiyili country on Louisa Downs Station, near Halls Creek in the Kimberley. In the Ngarranggarni (Dreamtime) three men were walking in the country near Yiyili. They were visitors to the country and had not been welcomed to the country. They came across a large natural spring and bent down to drink the cool water. In the spring lived a large water snake who was keeper of that country and as the men bent down to drink the water, the snake swallowed them. When a stranger comes to new country they should be welcomed to that country. The traditional way is to use a rock and dip it in the water and wipe the sides of the visitor and then throw that rock into the water. This is so the snake can smell the visitor and know that they have been welcomed.   

Size: 140cm x 100cm

Medium: Natural ochre and pigments on canvas