Kurta Kurta


Bugai Whyoulter's - Kurta Kurta

Size: 91cm x 91cm
Medium: Acrylic on Linen

Kurta Kurta.  Kurta Kurta is an area in the artists father’ country. Bugai and her family used to travel from Wantili (a large claypan north of Kartarru) to Kurta Kurta, which is back towards Parnngurr Aboriginal Community.  There they used to meet up with the Yates family and then travel down to karalamilyi (a camp). They went to Karamilyi for ‘big melon’ which is like a watermelon.  There is now a windmill at Kurta Kurta and lovely water. Bugai lived nomadically for a lot of her life, travelling extensively around the western desert from her birth place near Balford Downs Station, west of Parnngurr right up through Jigalong, the Canning Stock Route and up to Well 33 (Kunawarrtiji) where she now lives.

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