Tingarri Man Walukirritji - 90cm x 121.5cm

Artist: Linda Napaltjarri

Size: 90cm x 121.5cm

Medium: Acrylic on linen

Story from the certificate of authenticity:
This painting is about Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi's father's country. Walukirritji is a series of clay pans south of Lake MacDonald. Lungkata is Blue Tongue and he was the senior man for this site, a part of the Tingarri Ceremonial Cycle that travels across the Gibson Desert region and beyond, amongst other activites, they are responsible for making rain. Tingarri Men perform ceremonies that make Kapi, (rain and associated water flow along rivers and creeks, flushing and filling sacred rockholes). The artist sometimes paints circles that are the rockholes at which the men perform ceremonies that punctuate the vast Gibson Desert Country, created and opened up by the Ancestral Tingarri Men. Each time the ceremony is performed, the Senior Tingarri Men open up that Country again.

The Tingarri Men are a group of Ancestral Senior Law Men who travel over the Western Desert, performing rituals that create the features of, or open up, country. They are accompanied by recently initiated novices.


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