Rhonda Napanangka's - Kapi Dreaming, Karrinyarra

On Hold

Rhonda Napanangka's - Kapi Dreaming, Karrinyarra

Size: 102cm x 122cm

Medium: Acrylic on linen

This one's about my Grandfather's country, my uncle's country and my mother's country. A waterhole 'Waturlpunya' in Karrinyarra and a chain of pointy hills, all within one country. I've been seeing those hills,part of that country. I only paint this one story. I depict all the woman sitting down, story telling. They're here with their nulla nullas. This one is another waterhole, there's lots of food here-bush tomato and other fruit. The women were looking for food that's in abundance and have collected bush bean. They've lived off bush tucker a long time. They've been living there in a big camp for a long time, in this distant place. A long time ago they camped in another place in Waturlpunya....a long time before now, around another big waterhole in a water dreaming place. They camped there for some time before they grew up and spread out in many different directions, moving to communities like Papunya. Papunya was close by, so they ended up stayng there. That's my uncle and that's my mother. This is my father's Tjukurrpa (Dreaming), and Grandfather's hills in Karrinyarra.