Tommy Carroll's - Snake Dreaming


Tommy Carroll's - Snake Dreaming

Snake Dreaming. This painting tells a story about Nuguwarrding, that rainbow serpent, who travelled and lived around this area now called Doon Doon. Tommy says, "He went up to my grandfather's country at the back of Speewah where there are gorges and rock holes."

The solid circles represent the water holes in this area and the fluid lines are the hills around Doon Doon.

Tommy continues, "the story of this place was told to me when i was a young fella by my grandfather and his father. This snake was a father for this country, he travelled all over, sometimes he would stay for a few days then he would leave and pass through the next water place and stayed a bit longer."

Size: 80cm x 100cm

Medium: Natural ochre and pigments on canvas